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A candle can look beautiful and fit perfectly with your interior, but the most important thing with a scented candle is the scent. We carefully select our fragrances and are always looking for new additions. In addition to smelling great, we also think it is important that it is a fair product. As a result, we only use 100% natural fragrances.

A scent is of course very personal and can be very pronounced. We understand that not every scent is suitable for everyone. That is why we have put together a wide selection and we hope that there is something for everyone. Below we have tried to give a good description of our fragrances. Enjoy!

Tobacco & Vanilla:
The scent that started it all at Label my Light. The mix of tobacco & vanilla makes this a wonderful classic scent. This scent includes tonka beans, vanilla, cocoa and has notes of dried fruit and wood. It is a fragrance with a masculine character, but that does not mean that women do not like it.

White Tea & Fig:
The number 1 fragrance for the home. The soothing notes of the white tea and the sweet tones of the fig create a wonderful scent. This makes it an all-man's friend that fits into every household.

Orchid & Amber:
Anyone who regularly visits a florist will immediately recognize the scent of an orchid. Add a woody sensual scent and you get a wonderful combination of the floral of the orchid with the woodsy tones of the amber. This scent also fits in every home. Compare this with a fresh bunch of flowers that do not perish after 1 to 2 weeks.

Magnolia & Honeysuckle:
At first glance a very complex fragrance because of the complex name. But make no mistake, this scent is very exotic because of the warm tones of the honeysuckle and the pure extracts from the magnolia plant. The magnolia extracts in particular provide a fresh scent. The combination creates a wonderful holiday scent in your home. Close your eyes, light a candle and imagine yourself in the Italian Riviera.

Coco & Vanilla:
Everything but everyone's friend, but that doesn't make it less popular. Are you looking for a very pronounced scent and do you like notes of coconut and sweet vanilla? Then you've come to the right place with this fragrance. The combination of these 2 scents ensures that the coconut is not too predominant on the one side and the vanilla is not too sweet on the other side. Definitely worth a try!

Sage & Sea Salt:
A difficult scent to describe but a wonderful scent to smell. Put this scent on your bath rim and you have the idea that you are somewhere on the coast. Not just a salty air that hits you, but the notes of sage make it a spicy combination. The uplifting notes of minerals combined with the spicy, earthy tones of the sage make this scent irresistible.

Bergamot & Sandalwood:
You can recognize this scent immediately by the notes of orange and a woody and pleasant aroma. The combination of Bergamot & Sandalwood is a soothing and elegant scent and a hit of the moment.

Oud & Mandarin:
With this scent you immediately imagine yourself in Eastern atmospheres. If you have been to Arab countries, you will quickly experience the scent as familiar and festive. It is a full scent, aromatic and woody. The touch of Mandarin provides the refreshment in the scent. This heavier scent is great for the winter days.

Tobacco & Oak:
And warm but also very fresh scent. This is a favorite scent for many men, but therefore also an extra favorite among women. A warm, woody accord of strong, smoky tobacco and dusty oak, further enhanced by leather, spices and musk.

Hopefully you have found yourself in one or more of our fragrances and you will be able to smell them yourself in a few days. Click here to go directly to our scented candles or scented sticks .

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Have fun with one of our delicious products! We speak from experience ;)

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