Are you currently planning your wedding? Or are you lucky enough to arrange it for someone else? There is a lot involved and there are a lot of things to think about. In the first place, the day itself must of course run smoothly. But have you also thought of a nice gift for your guests or do you want a nice personalized detail on every table?

Have you arranged everything so well that there is still budget left at the bottom of the line? Then consider a personalized scented candle with, for example, the name of the bridal couple and the date of the memorable day. At Label my Light we make tailor-made scented candles for every occasion. Likewise for a wedding.

For example, think of a nice gift at the end of a very nice day/weekend. Surprise your guests with a memento of this important day. Every time the candle is lit, people think back to the wedding. How beautiful is that? Do you not necessarily want to give people something, but do you want to create extra atmosphere on the table during dinner or during the ceremony? We also have plenty of options for this.

Have you become enthusiastic as a result of the above text? Please feel free to contact us and we will make a nice tailor-made proposal. Are you not the one who arranges everything, but do you want to surprise the bridal couple with a beautiful gift? Then take a look at our shop and get inspired!

Order a sample pack here to get all the scents and choose your favorites. When purchasing a personalized candle for your wedding, we will deduct the costs of this sample package.

Good luck with all the preparations!

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