Geef een gepersonaliseerde geurkaars cadeau

Give a personalized scented candle as a gift

Sometimes you walk through the city and you just don't remember; what do you give that nice girlfriend as a gift. Walking through the city you see so much that you actually don't know it anymore. Should I go for a nice bunch of flowers? Of which you know, after a week maybe 1.5 weeks it will no longer be there. Here's a tip from us, give a scented candle as a gift that you can personalize as you wish. This way you give a unique gift and you are not forgotten after 1.5 weeks!

Did you know that we pour and mix all our scented candles ourselves. For this we use natural soy wax and natural essential oils. The advantage of using soy wax is that it is durable but also has a longer burning time and does not leave any harmful substances. Let's keep it a win, win, win situation. We now have more than 9 different scents in our scented candle range. We mix these scents in our store in Eindhoven. This way every candle is unique and more importantly, mixed and donated yourself, so you can always personalize it.

Nice scented candle for every wallet

The advantage of our candles is that they are also affordable. Under € 15, - you can already give a beautiful scented candle as a gift, which we package beautifully. In the amber collection you will find candles that start with a small size up to a large size of 500ml with more than 60 burning hours. If you prefer a candle in clear glassware, choose the minimal collection. You can also purchase these scented candles from a small size. If you can't choose, the gift box is a perfect gift to give. This box contains 7 scents of 60 ml and is packaged in a beautiful gift box. Here too you can opt for a small personalized label.

If you are more of a fan of matte glassware, we have frosted white and frosted black glassware. These candles immediately give that luxurious feeling and your gift will certainly be appreciated, especially with one of our delicious scents !

Whatever you choose, each candle can be fully personalized so that you can leave a personal message on the label. This way you really give a unique gift and you certainly steal the show.

For whatever occasion the gift is, a personalized scented candle is always a nice gift to give. Do you have a housewarming party? Then choose the delicious home fragrance White Tea and Fig and finish the candle with your personal message. But a beautiful candle can also be used for getting married or for a lesser situation. For example, we send a lot of strength scented candles to a loved one with a beautiful personal text. Because even when you think of someone you can give this personalized scented candle as a gift, choose a soothing scent such as Bergamot & Sandalwood, for example.

Birthday, Mother's Day, wedding party or a strong moment, you decide the message. By simply choosing the option of 'personalised label' you make a unique scented candle and that is why this gift is the best gift to give. Forget the bunch of flowers, go for a personalized scented candle!

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