12 mei - Dag van de zorg!

May 12 - Day of care!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for the maximum effort of all patients who need care in this hectic time. Without you, the curve wouldn't be falling. But of course you don't do this alone. You do this together with the whole team! On May 12th it's time to thank all these incredibly hard working colleagues. It is, as you probably know, the Day of Nursing. Time to put your colleagues in the spotlight and to thank them.

We at Label my Light are a young company from Eindhoven and started personalizing scented candles and scented sticks last year. During this difficult time we don't sit still and try to turn the negative into the positive. Because everyone deserves a nice thank you! Especially the healthcare staff….

What have we done? We have made 5 different labels with matching texts for the toppers in healthcare. In addition, we offer 2 different glass variants and you have the option to purchase from 1 piece. But larger requests are also possible and there are graduated prices. View all options via this link. If you really have a special request, such as a personalized label with, for example, your logo and your own text, you can fill in the contact form so that we can look at the possibilities together. If you really can't choose, but if you want to thank everyone, choose a gift card so that you can choose a candle yourself.

View the different candles and options here:


The Day of Nursing may sound far away, but in this hectic period it is Tuesday 12 May. Let's make it a beautiful day together!

Greetings Marc and Annelies

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